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Boy wearing taekwondo Red Gloves

To advance to the next rank, students must complete promotion tests in which they demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of the sport before a panel of judges. Students must never ask if they are ready to test or advance. Master Ferkile will invite students to test when he determines they are ready to do so.


  • Promotional belt testing will be held regularly throughout the year. Information
    will be distributed several weeks before the test so that students may plan accordingly.

  • Students will know exactly what they will be tested on when it is time
    for them to test. 

  • If the student cannot attend the scheduled testing day, they must notify
    Master Ferkile as soon as possible to determine if an alternate date is
    available for make-up testing.

  • Each test consists of written, skill (including board breaking) and
    poomsae components.

  • Those students who have previous experience or hold rank from another
    school, and have not had the required sessions at Ferkile’s Taekwondo maybe
    be evaluated at their own rank prior to advancement.

  • Everyone must take the tests as scheduled. Continued non-attendance of regular testing will be grounds for dismissal from the school, or you may have to wait until the next testing time if you miss a scheduled test date.

  • Children and junior black belts (ages 15 and under) are allowed to receive a Youth 1st Degree Black Belt. Adult Black Belt is attainable at 16 years of age or older.

  • Viewing testing is FREE and open to the public.

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