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Student Rules


Whether your’re reading the rules for the first time or need a refresher, this is a good place to start.

Taekwondo Yellow Belt Girl Kicking
  1. Whenever entering or leaving the Do Jang, show a bow of respect to the US and Korean flags.

  2. Execute a bow of respect upon meeting an instructor or Black Belt.

  3. Each class will have a formal ceremonial opening and closing consisting
    of a bow to the instructors and flags and a moment of silent meditation.

  4. Remove all jewelry before taking class

  5. Your Do Bok must be clean and complete with your belt at all times.

  6. Tie your belt properly.

  7. Observe a high degree of personal hygiene. Toenails and fingernails should be kept neatly clean and trimmed.

  8. Remove shoes upon entering the Do Jang.

  9. Pay strict attention to your instructor at all times.

  10. Pay proper respect to all persons holding a higher belt rank than you.

  11. Profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing and talking or display of lack of self-discipline
    will not be tolerated. PERIOD.

  12. When wearing your Do Bok, you must never smoke, drink alcohol, chew gum, eat or lean against the walls. You should always show respect to your Do Bok, your appearance and your school whether you are present in our Do Jang or not.

  13. Be on time for class. If you do arrive early for class, take advantage of the extra time and do warming up exercises and practice. Do not lounge around.

  14. Practice only those techniques which have been presented to you by the Instructor. Do not try to skip ahead through observation of higher belts.

  15. Do not make inquiries about upcoming examinations for promotion to higher belts. When your instructor decides you as an individual are ready to test, he will invite you to test.

  16. Do not complain about strenuous conditions. Ever.

  17. Use Korean terminology while in class (i.e. Do Bok, Do Jang, Kup, Sa Bom Min).

  18. No free sparring without the instructor’s permission.

  19. Mandatory protection equipment required for free sparring:

    • Forearm and Shin Pads

    • Chest Protector

    • Mouthpiece

    • Groin Cups (mandatory for male students)

  20. The title of “Mister or Ms.” followed by the application of the last name will be used in addressing all students and instructors.

  21. Avoid bringing valuables to class. We are not responsible for any articles left here at the school by the students. Take with you all clothing and protection equipment after each class.

  22. Techniques are not to be used outside of the Do Jang unless circumstances involving your personal safety or the safety of others are at risk.

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